AXA Chair on Climate Change impacts and Coastal Risk

Contributing external PhD fellows and Postdoctoral fellows

Contributing PhD fellows 

Fan Li                                               Lu Wang                                             Peter Ware
(graduated in Feb 2014)                                 (graduated in Apr 2015)                                      (graduated in June 2017)
Delft University of Technology                          Delft University of Technology                             University of Queensland, Australia
Probabilistic estimation of dune       Uncertainty in assessing climate       Development of a robust
erosion and coastal zone risk          change impacts on river floods          storm surge model for
PhD thesis                                             and optimisation of river dikes           South East Australia
                                                        PhD thesis 

Alex Atkinson                                  Ebru Demirci
(graduated in Dec 2017)                                (graduated in Jan 2021)
University of Queensland, Australia
              University of Melbourne, Australia
Resilience of Australian                 Engineering and economic
beaches to sea level rise               impacts of sea level rise


Contributing Postdoctoral fellows 
Dr. Shari Gallop                               Dr. Mohamed Olfateh                             Dr. Florent Birrien 
(2013-2015)                                                   (2014-2016)                                                             (2014-2016)
University of Southampton, UK                        University of Queensland, Australia                         University of Queensland, Australia  
Wave attenuation across                Development of a robust storm               Resilience of Australian
the Great Barrier Reef                    surge model for South east Australia      beaches to sea level rise
Hieu Ngo                              
University of Twente, Netherlands                       
Extreme flood risks              
The Netherlands