AXA Chair on Climate Change impacts and Coastal Risk

Research lines

Research line 1: Climate change impacts on coasts: The Science
The potential CC impacts on coasts and associated socio-economic/environmental risks are widely recognised. Nations around the world are already taking drastic measures to develop resilience to CC impacts. Read more here.
Research line 2: Probabilistic, reduced complexity modelling of CC driven coastal hazards
It is now known that simplistic but easy-to-use techniques such as the Bruun rule are unlikely to produce robust and accurate results. Highly aggregated models require large data sets to ‘train’ the models, which are generally unavailable, while time and space integration of micro-scale processes via process based models has also proved to be an insurmountable challenge where sufficiently accurate predictions of long term coastal change are concerned.  Read more here.
Research line 3: Innovations in coastal risk assessment 
Foregoing land-use opportunities in coastal regions and protecting coasts is costly, but so is damage caused by inundation and erosion. Developing appropriate policies and strategies for land-use planning purposes is therefore a balancing act. While risk based management/planning has been common practice in spheres such as flood protection, inexplicably, this way of thinking has only recently emerged in coastal zone management/planning. Read more here.