AXA Chair on Climate Change impacts and Coastal Risk

The AXA Research Fund is the scientific philanthropy initiative of global insurance leader AXA, dedicated to boosting scientific progress and discoveries that contribute to understand and better prepare against environmental, life and socio-economic risks. The CC & CR Chair at IHE Delft is supported under the environmental risks stream of the AXA Research fund. The Chair holder is Professor Roshanka Ranasinghe

The overarching objective of the CC&CR research program at IHE Delft is to generate new fundamental scientific knowledge and formulate ground breaking theoretical and modelling concepts which will enable the development of innovative CC driven coastal risk assessment methods that are underpinned by state-of-the-art interdisciplinary science. The research undertaken within this program is highly inter-disciplinary and spans the fields of coastal engineering, climate science, hydrology, ecology, applied mathematics, physical geography, risk modelling, oceanography and governance.

Research Lines

The research programme comprises three main research lines:
·         Climate change impacts on coasts: The Science 
·         Probabilistic, reduced complexity modelling of CC driven coastal hazards
·         Innovations in coastal risk assessment